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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fat Tire Commuter

When I bought the Mongoose Dolomite, a while back, I justified it by planning to use it as my fattie commuter. That way, I can set it up with lights, rack, fenders, etc, and not weigh down the titanium fat bike, which can remain in trail-riding trim.

I still haven't come up with any fenders, but I decided, as I rode the Funk home, today, to get Big Blue on the road. So, when I got home, I pulled up to the shop building, and started prepping the Dolomite for commuter duty.

 I transferred the frame bag over from the Hargadon. It carries the pump, spare tube, patch kit and 15mm wrench (for the axle nuts). My rain glasses will also ride in there, ready to wear, in case of precip.

The cable lock (in case i stop at the grocery store, on the way home), and a few other must-haves ride in here. Lunch, etc, will go in there, as well. The bungee allows for carrying overflow, like all of the extra clothes I wear, on cold mornings, which are too warm in the afternoon, sometimes.

 Lights! The closer light is one from a pack of three, that I got at Big Lots for $10.00. It has low beam, high beam, and flashing mode.  I've used these lights on a few bikes, and I am really impressed with them. The 10 LEDs put out a lot of light (and the price is right!). The other light is an Ace Hardware buy, which fits perfectly in my CatEye mount. That one only has on-off, but it throws a ton of light. Between the two of them, I have less than $30.00 in the lights. Compare that to any good "bike-shop" bike light...

A CatEye flasher on the back of the rack, along with a Knog as backup, will probably be augmented, later, with another large flasher. I like to light up my bike like an emergency vehicle, for the commute.

Ready to roll...



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