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Monday, November 10, 2014

How's The Weather, There?

It's forty degrees colder here, than it was at this time, last night. And, it was 35 degrees colder on the way home than it was when I rode to work, this morning. It dropped from 51 degrees to 16 degrees, during the day, and it started snowing.

I suspend my prohibition of selfie photos, occasionally, and more often than not it's in order to show the ice build-up on my beard...

I hit some pretty slick icy spots, on the way home, and the temperatures are only supposed to go colder, overnight. So, when I got home, I decided to set the fixed-gear mountain bike up with studded tires. I have a set of wheels, with the tires already on them, so all I have to do is swap out the wheels, and adjust the brakes. Then, of course, I need lights, etc.

 When I went to remove the frame bag from the fat bike, this icicle was sealing the velcro strap down.

I just thought that this particular ice buildup was odd-looking..

After about twenty minutes of work, I had the bike ready for tomorrow's commute. I could have done this, yesterday; I knew that the weather was coming in. But, I went for a bike ride with my buddy Chris, from work. We met up at Kipling and Floridia, rode down to Morrison Road, through Morrison, and to the Red Rocks Amphitheater (climbing 800 feet in 1.9 miles). We then looped down the far side, hitting speeds of 35+ mph, at times, and came back into Morrison on the county road. After a beer at the Morrison Inn, we rode back to the trucks and hit Moe's for some bbq.

This looks like a bike-commute type of week. I am working tomorrow, even though it's a holiday, and the roads are going to be too slick for the motorbike. My legs can use the miles...



At 8:28 PM , Blogger Pondero said...

Wow, what a change! I think it'll even be chilly down here tomorrow. But no icy stuff this time. Rubber down, head up, my friend.

At 4:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the 50s here today (Tuesday) but cold weather is coming - just in time for the last SRU football game on Saturday - Kyle's in marching band -


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