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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Madness Continues

A little while back, Wally World had the new Mongoose Dolomite fat bike in stock, for cheap, so I  snagged one. It is very similar to the Mongoose Beast which I had customized, earlier.

The Beast, you may recall, came as a single speed cruiser, with a coaster brake. Before I was done, I had added a cro-mo fork, disc brakes (front and rear), a five-speed freewheel, a triple crank and a front derailleur mounted on a bracket made from a 31.8mm-clamp stem. And, I also substituted decent tires and tubes for the crazy-heavy stock items, added a nicer seatpost and a Brooks saddle, and cool Surly bar on a threadless stem. I eventually bought new wheels, with a cassette hub in the rear, before it was all over.

When I got the ti frame, the wheels, tires brakes, bar and stem, along with the seat, all went onto it.

The remains of the Beast have languished in the shop building, since then.

When I got the Dolomite, I continued cannibalizing the poor old Beast, and swapped over the triple crank, and front derailleur setup. I also added anotherbar, similar to the Surly bar,  some shifters to go along with the new gear setup, and a Cardiff (Brooks-clone) saddle, plus some decent tires and tubes. I also transferred the rack and bag over, from the Beast.

As I told my friend, Danny Mc, the cheapest bikes have the prettiest paint.

This is going to become my commuter fat bike. I need to make a fender, for the front, and maybe one for the rear, as well. The rack acts as something of a fender, but enough water can get by it that I think it might be worth my while to extend the coverage a bit. Of course, it needs lights, as well.

Stay tuned for more ... Same Fat Time, same Fat Channel...



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