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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I May Have Found My New Favorite Bicycle

 Sunrise at CDOT
I rode the drop-bar Trek 950 to work, this morning. I wore a backpack, both to carry my stuff and to simulate a CamelBak hydration pack, like I will use, this weekend. I wanted to see if the seating position, handlebar angle, leg extension, etc. was good for an actual ride. Up until today, the farthest I had ridden the bike was about 3 miles, as I took a short detour on my way home from the coffee shop, on Monday. It seemed like a good idea to check things out on a slightly longer ride.

I have to say that the bike is pretty much dialed in, for me. The handlebars are spot-on, and the bike is maybe even a little more comfortable than the Funk!

I often say that whatever bike I am riding at any given time is my favorite, at that point in time. And, I'm only half joking about that. But, there are always bikes that, given a choice, I will choose over the others; the "What if you could only have one bike?" bike. My go-to answer to that question, for the past few years, has been, "The titanium Funk."

Today, as I was riding home from work, I was considering that question, anew. I enjoyed the ride to and from work, so much, today, that it made me begin to consider that a bike might well take the "favorite" tag away from the Funk.  But, I doubt it, in the long run. I am still in the infatuation phase that we all go through with a new bike, on the Trek. And, honestly, if I had to dump all of the bikes but one, I would have the Funk parked outside of my cardboard box shelter, in the end.

Adios, Amigo

Speaking of moving bikes along, I sold the Miyata 310, over the weekend. One of the college kids who works at Kaladi Bros. needed a commuter bike, and he is the same height as me. I had him come over and check the Miyata out, and he left with it. As much as I liked it, and wanted to keep it, I knew it wouldn't get ridden much. I'm just happy that it's going to get put to good use.

I'm really looking forward to the Webster's Pass ride, this weekend. It has been ages since I've done a ride like that, on any bike, and i think it's going to be extra cool to do it on the vintage steel.

Stay tuned...



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