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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Found A Stem For The Miyata

I rode the Miyata to the coffee shop, and back, today. As I had feared, the reach to the bars was just long enough and low enough to be slightly uncomfortable. No problem, really, on that 5 mile round trip, but nothing I'd want to ride for any distance.

So, I figured that I would probably have to buy a stem. The bar clamp area on this mustache is 26.0mm, and I figured that non of the mountain bike stems I had would work, since mountain bike bar clamps are 25.4mm.

Then, I thought about the original stem from my '86 Bridgestone MB-1, and I seemed to recall that there was something odd about it. I dug it out, and test-fit the bar to it. Sure enough, what was odd about that stem was the 26.0mm clamp.

This brings the mustache bar back and up, to my preferred position. The bike is definitely a keeper, now.

I'll eventually overhaul it, and install a nicer headset and, perhaps, a cartridge bottom bracket. At that point, I'll ditch the reflector hangers.

So far, I have invested a grand total of $75.00 into the bike, if you don't count the value of my parts-bin parts, like the saddle and wheels. Add everything up, and it's about a $300 build, probably. Not too shabby for a Japanese lugged steel frame. Try to buy a comparable, new frameset for that.

Pleased as punch...



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