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Friday, January 31, 2014

More Work On Danny's Bike

Or, as I think of it, nowadays, the never-ending build...

First, I installed a Salsa Enabler fork, and disc brake. I used the old wheel off of my bike, because I didn't have spokes to rebuild Danny's wheel with a new hub. I'll get the spokes, and rebuild his wheel, later. But, with snow on the ground, Danny wants to pick the fat bike up, tomorrow, and get some time in on it.

Then, I added a spacer to the rear axle, and threw on a 5-speed 13/34 freewheel and a new chain.

A new threadless headset, and a Surly Open Bar completed the build (so far). I'll cut the steer tube on the fork, once we figure out how high Danny needs the bar.

The bag is from Danny's Salsa Fargo (which I did some repair on, today). I put it on just to make sure it fits. There is another one on the way for this bike (and one for mine, as well).

In between working on Danny's two bikes, I did a bit of work on some of my own. I swapped the stem (longer) and bars (wider, more sweep) on my 29er mountain bike. I also did a little preliminary work on a new build, which I think I will keep under wraps until it's complete. I am waiting on some parts to get here, and I need to go get some other parts, tomorrow.

Stay tuned.



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