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Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching Up

Sometimes a week flies by.  This past one certainly did.  Nothing of any great import went down, in my life, so the only blogging I did was the daily story and helping out at the MG.

Saturday, I ran into Brian G at the coffee shop, and we sat for a while and caught up with each other's lives.  Brian asked me what had ever happened with the guy who knocked me off my bike, in March.  As I told him, I realized that no one else really had heard the story.  So, I figured I'd pretty much just restate what I told Brian:

When the DA refused to prosecute the assault, the police talked him into signing off on a misdemeanor Careless Driving in the school zone.  With that charge, I was told, the driver could not plea bargain it down, and a court appearance was mandatory.  I was also told to wait to be subpoenaed as a witness.  Court date was set for April 25.

I never heard anything else.  Misdemeanor charges, it seems, don't require a personal appearance, if you plead No Contest or Guilty.  Your attorney can show up and handle everything.  (So I've been told.  I'm no expert.)

Anyway, I've decided it's just water under the bridge.  People keep telling me I should sue the guy, but I don't know what I'd sue for.  I am fine, the bike was unharmed. 

If I had found myself mentally unable to commute, any longer, I might go after him for "Pain and Suffering", or something.  But, I have commuted straight through, even after the crash.  So, I really don't see that I have been "harmed".

I feel this way particularly in light of today's fatal hit-and-run against a cyclist on his way to work, not far from where I work.  I think I'll avoid clogging the courts up with my little crash, so that maybe they will have more energy to go after whoever killed the cyclist, this morning.

Sorry for the downer post.  It's been a bit of a downer day.  I heard about the hit-and-run as I left for work, and found out the details when I got home.  In between, I was hoping that the rider was okay.

Be careful, my friends.



At 1:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo HRJG.........Thanks for catching us up on the news. Sue the guy for ruining your best pair o' cargo pants! I've seen the the pants.


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