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Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Cold Weather Stuff

Well, I threw some v-brakes on the Pink Snowball and rode it around for a while. Even with 25 psi in the tires, it grips the snow rather well. I need to get some tubular glue and cement one bead of each tire to the rim so that I can drop the psi to 10 or 12 and go try riding offroad with it. (Won't be able to go until after Christmas, anyway, since I'm going to Tennessee, next Saturday. So, no particular hurry, I suppose).

The roads are thawing, here in Denver. Temps are in the 30's, officially, but the thermometer on my front porch is reading 53 F, in the sun. This presents a quandary for me, commute-wise.

The roads are going to be mostly free of snow on the main drags, tomorrow morning, but a lot of the side streets are going to have large patches of re-frozen meltwater stretching across them. That means that the chains are going to be largely unecessary and annoying, but there will be places I wish I had them.

I switched out to the spare wheels and tire, without chains, when I got home from the coffee shop. I hope that I can just be careful and avoid any unpleasantness, tomorrow morning. I just can't face pushing those noisy, bumpy chains across the clear pavement any more than I have done the past couple of days.

I would take the pink bike, with the big tires, but I don't have a rack on it. And, I don't feel like putting one on, today.

So, fingers crossed.


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