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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Snow... and a Fixed Stumpy!

I was very happy to walk outside with Jack, this morning, and find 3 inches of snow on the yard, and about 2-1/2 inches on the road, with temps hovering around 25 F. I was happy because the weather man, last night, said no snow would fall, but the temps would plummet down into the teens.

I'll take a little snow over frigid temperatures, any day.

It was snowing pretty hard when I left the house, and continued to do so for about the first half of my ride. Then, it began to taper off and, by the time I was a mile from work, finally stopped altogether. There was snow on the ground, at the lab, but none falling.

I parked my bike on the grate over the sump in the garage section of the building (we have some truck-mounted equipment which lives there), and let it thaw. I'm going to remove the fenders. The wet snow packed under the fenders was actually slowing me down by the time I got most of the way to work.

Later in the day, the sun came out and melted the snow, and the roads dried (common, here in Denver). The only problem spots on the way home were in shady areas where the melted snow never evaporated, but refroze into sheet ice. I'll have to be careful of these spots on the way in, tomorrow.

DM is coming over to take delivery on his 1984 StumpJumper which I did a conversion on. It has brown Surly hubs, Sun RhynoLite rims, cross levers actuating the brakes and a 40/17 fixed drivetrain. Lots o' labor involved in getting the drive-side pedal out of the crank and the bottom bracket out of the shell, due to some time spent in the great outdoors. But, it came out great, and rides really nice.

Oh, and it also has the sprung Brooks saddle which was on the Miami Vice bike when I first got it...and a kickstand!

Beautiful, pro-quality photography courtesy of Yours Truly.



At 6:39 PM , Anonymous frankenbike said...

Nice saddle for a winter bike?!why mess up a brooks with the water and snow?I looked at the custom builds a while back and realized that you replaced the pics of my black cafe bike with pics of another almost like,was this a mistake?Did I make you mad because I changed it around after I got it?Anyway it has become my winter fix and looks just like it did when you built it albeit with slightly narrower tires and a sweet set of new planet bike full coverage fenders!

At 9:28 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Good to hear from you.

If your bike isn't there, any more, it is accidental. I'll contact Burd and get it straightened out (he does the website work). We modified the galleries, a while back, and it probably got mixed up at that point. (If I am remembering, yours is the black Cafe with the odd centerpull front brake which matched the one on my original Cafe.)

I'd never get mad about changes to a bike (it's the basis of my little hobby, after all), and actually like to see what people do to further personalize their rides.

As to the saddle, it's what Dan wanted. And, being from the UK, Brooks saddles are actually usable in bad weather (else the market would have folded years ago), they just require a bit more effort on the maintenance. I've been using a Wright's (the cheaper subsidiary of Brooks in the 70's) on my daily commuter for years, and it's held up fine.

At 11:52 AM , Anonymous frankenbike said...

yes Jon,the bike with the weird centerpull brake is exactly right.Although it now has a regular canti fork with nos XTR mountain canti brakes.that weird brake didn't work so well in wet.I am sure that it was just a mix up,no problem.I was just curious.If I get around to taking pics of the cafe bike and some of my others I'll send 'em.



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