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Monday, December 05, 2016

Snow and Cold Are In the Forecast

So, I busted out the fixed gear Surly 1x1 snowbike. Studded 26 x 2.2" Conti on the back, and a studded 26 x 4" 45NRTH Dillinger on the front.

The hand warmers are probably the best investment I ever made for winter riding. It is simply amazing how much of a difference those things make when the temps dip down below 30 degrees.

I haven't ridden a whole lot, lately. I commuted by bike a couple of days, last week, and I felt the effort, afterward. Riding on snow and ice will be a little harder, but I am looking forward to it, actually. Adventure Commuting is my favorite.

Low temps on Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be around 0 degrees F to -5F. Since I leave for work at about 5:15, on the bike, I fully expect to be out during the low temperature time, those days. Fun, fun!



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