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Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Tires On The Funk!

I have had a problem, lately, with flats on the Funk. The old Ritchey SpeedMax 35s were wearing thin, and the sidewall was beginning to fail on the rear. So, I decided to finally install the Bruce Gordon Rock and Roads that I got on a trade with Brad. 

The R&R's are considerably beefier, but don't seem that much heavier. Tomorrow's commute will tell the tale on that. That is, if I do commute by bike tomorrow. I'm pretty worn out from cutting down a dead tree, in my front yard!

Anyway, whenever I commute next, I'll know if the extra girth of the tire has any effect. I suspect that it won't. 

I certainly like the looks of the new tires on the bike. 



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